Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides students and teachers with instructions to address common concerns that may be encountered when utilising this website. If, after checking this list, you still cannot resolve the issue, feel free to contact us.

I/my students are trying to register with the website to complete the certificate, but I'm not receiving any confirmation emails. What's wrong?
If students are using Department of Education (Western Australia) generated email addresses to access the Certificate, the correct email format is, which is different to the teachers' email format of The format for student emails of non-government schools is generally (but not always) You can also register using @hotmail, @yahoo, @live, @gmail and most other free-to-use email addresses.

Also, please ensure you check your email junk/spam folder, as some email services may view the confirmation email as unsolicited and remove it from your inbox automatically.
I have received my confirmation email but the link isn't working, not even when I copy and paste it into a new browser window. What is wrong?
The most likely reason is either the link is not fully shown as a hyperlink, so the full address is not being clicked on. In such cases carefully copy/paste the link into your address bar but make sure you do not include any extra spaces as it will still not work.
I am using a tablet/mobile device, but cannot see some of the content. Why is that?
If you are using a mobile device that does not support flash format, you will not be able to access some of the online activities and videos within the lessons. Although the videos used to be in mp4 format, the range of different internet browsers used, and availability of video plugins, made flash a more consistent option, as Moodle contains a built-in flash video player. Puffin Browser is one example of a mobile browser that supports flash content, and can be installed on Apple and Android operating systems.
How do I find my way around this website?
If you are looking for something specific but cannot find a link on the home page, try the site map here. If you are unsure how to navigate through the online lessons and quizzes, this link shows you how. If you are unsure how to navigate through the online information sessions found in the Resource section, each page of the relevant information session has a pop-up "Table of Contents" in the left menu that lists the pages in the session (see the picture below). Simply click on the one you wish to view.

I/my students are finding some of the content difficult to understand. Can some of the information be made simpler?
Accessibility and understanding of the content has to be balanced with legal requirements and government legislation, so unfortunately some of the language and concepts within the website cannot be altered more than they already have. To help website users with accessibility, a text-to-speech function has been included on each page of the website, so all of the information and questions on the website can be listened to as well as read.
I/my students don't have reliable internet access, and/or computers that we can use on a regular basis in the classroom. How can I use this site to deliver WHS training?
All of the content on this site is available to download and print in the resource section, (including quizzes, information, lesson plans and worksheets). The printable lessons have been modified for this exact purpose, and take into account that computers may be unavailable to all students.
What is the difference between OSH (Occupational Safety and Health), OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) and WHS (Work Health and Safety)?
In simple terms, not a lot. Western Australia uses OSH in regards to its legislation and regulations, OH&S was previously the national term used, which has now been replaced with WHS, and is part of the national move towards harmonisation of work health and safety legislation. For the purpose of this website, WHS is used predominantly because the content is based around addressing the competency unit BSBWHS201.
As an educator, I am finding it difficult to use this website and am unsure how to fit it into my teaching program. Is there training available?
The website is built on the Moodle software platform, so if you are familiar with Moodle then the website should be easy to utilise. The website has been developed for individual use as well as a classroom teaching tool on a smart-board. You can also contact the SmartMove Coordinator directly via email to discuss how best to use the website, or request your school administration to organise professional development training for teaching staff if you are in the metropolitan Perth area.
Once I complete all the lessons on the website, does that mean I've completed the BSBWHS201A competency unit?
WorkSafe WA is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and therefore cannot assess and complete students in any course they are enrolled in. This website is designed to be a comprehensive resource for the delivery of BSBWHS201 and WHS training in general, covering all of the elements within the unit, but the onus of delivery and assessment is upon the school and/or RTO using this resource.
Does completing the Safety Passport program mean I don't need to do the WHS training/induction in my workplace?
No. Completing the lessons on this website does not replace or diminish the responsibility of an employer/host employer in their legal responsibility of conducting a WHS induction for new workers.
Should I do the Safety Passport or the Certificate first? Can I do one without the other? Which is more important?
The Certificate can be done during or after the Safety Passport program (recommended after lesson four) or by itself once an educator has conducted their own WHS training program. Although the Certificate component is a stand-alone assessment, it is assumed that students already have basic WHS knowledge before attempting the quizzes. In relation to the competency unit BSBWHS201, the questions of the Certificate have been mapped to competencies and can form part of the assessment for the unit.
I completed the certificate. How do I print it out?
Once the industry module is completed, you need to exit back to the module screen that shows all the modules, then select the module you completed again. The certificate option should now be selectable. If a quiz has been completed successfully, then the certificate link will be coloured blue, (see below).

Once the link for the certificate is selected, then a screen like the one below should appear. If an error message appears instead, it is normally due to the host server of the website being updated, (which sometimes takes a few hours). Progress and saved certificates are not affected by software updates, and can be accessed once any update is completed.

I've printed my certificate but some of the details are wrong/mispelled/missing/have grammatical errors. What can I do?
This can happen if you have made errors when first creating your account, as the information you provide is used to prefill your certificate. You can change this when you log in, in the "settings" menu on the home page, (the settings menu is not visible when not logged in). Once you have changed the information you can reattempt the quiz and gain the certificate again. Please note that you are unable to change your first or last name in the settings menu. 

If you find the date is missing from your certificate, you need to download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.   


How do I use the text-to-speech function on this website?
All the information regarding how the text-to-speech works can be found here.
What software do I need to install to get the most out of this website?
This website can be used in any common browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox, (Google Chrome is recommended). To be able to see and use all of the interactive features, you will need to install the latest version of the Flash Player plug-in for the browser you are using. Most browsers automatically update and prompt you to install the latest Flash plug-ins, although some computers that are part of a government or business network may require you or an administrator to update the Flash component manually.
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